Centex Material Handling supplies Austin and Central Texas with the largest inventory of hoists like electric chain, manual chain, hand chain, wire rope, food grade, explosion proof, intelligent lifting and hoist accessories. Our reliable hoists will safely lift and move heavy items throughout a warehouse facility or work site. We specialize in installations, maintenance, load testing, customization, repairs, modernization, and updates on almost all hoist brands. CMH distributes hoists from top manufactures such as Demag, Harrington Hoists, and Gorbel.

  • Emergency Repair and 24 hour availability
  • Repair most brands of hoists and cranes
  • Crane & hoist parts for all brands
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance service programs
  • Certified proof load testing of cranes & hoists
  • OSHA Certifications Inspections and testing for OSHA compliance
  • Modernization, modification, and upgrades to existing crane systems
  • Below the hook slings, spreader bars, lifting attachments
  • Ergonomic, light capacity handling systems for assembly, warehouse and distribution handling
  • Turnkey hoist systems

Wire Rope Hoist

Wire rope is a complex mechanical device that has many moving parts all working in tandem to help support and move an object or load. In the lifting and rigging industries, wire rope is attached to a crane or hoist and fitted with swivels, shackles or hooks to attach to a load and move it in a controlled matter.


Chain Hoist

Chain hoists use metal chain as the lifting medium and perform the lift by pulling the chain through sprockets and then deposit it into a container. Chain hoists are a popular choice because they’re reliable and economical. Chain hoists can be powered manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

  • Ability to change the height of the lift by changing out the chain
  • Compact, space-saving design with no drum
  • Portable and can tolerate greater levels of abuse
  • Capacity up to 25-tons (as standard design)
  • Chain can last longer than wire rope

Wind Chain Hoist

The DC-Wind chain hoist has been proven in operation all over the world for the maintenance and service of wind turbines.
Its high lifting speeds enable it to cut maintenance and downtimes to a minimum – making a valuable contribution towards high availability and efficient operation. What other benefits does the DC-Wind chain hoist offer?

  • Convenient operation
  • High safety standard
  • Simple transport of loads weighing up to 1,500 kg
  • Hook paths up to 180 metres
  • Variable attachment to a slewing arm or a travelling portal arrangement

Food Grade Hoist

NER-FG hoists come loaded with standard food grade features and can easily be coupled with our push, geared or motorized trolleys. Many additional food grade options are available to suit individual applications and requirements. This is the solution for any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern and are perfect for food processing or food packaging applications.

  • Capacities 1/4 – 2 Ton
  • Food grade oil and grease
  • White epoxy paint for hoists, trolleys, hooks and suspenders
  • Nickel-plated load chain
  • Lubricants comply with FDA standards
  • Many options available

Intelligent Lifting Hoist

Gorbel’s G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms. There are two G-Force® models to choose from: the Q and the iQ. The Q model is our feature packed base model. It offers the same speed and precision as our higher-end iQ model, but without the added Input/Output features that the iQ offers. The iQ model offers a wealth of additional intelligence features.

G-Force® technology fills the void between traditional lifting devices and completely automated robotic solutions. These devices use the human’s intelligence and adaptability for guidance but the work is done by the device.

All of Gorbel’s G-Force Intelligent Lifting products come with float mode as a standard feature.

Explosion Proof Hoist

Harrington’s AS Series air hoists are Ex certified spark resistant (*Explosive atmospheres that require features that reduce the risk of spark) to level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIC T100°C and are in compliance with the EU ATEX Directive. These hoists are the solution for many hazardous conditions. Contact a qualified person to determine ATEX requirements for specific applications.

  • Stainless steel load chain
  • Stainless steel top and bottom hoo
  • Stainless steel hook latches
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty disc brake
  • Reliable vane motor


Overhead Cranes

Centex Material Handling designs, manufactures, installs and services complete overhead crane systems and stocks hoists, trolleys, accessories, replacement parts for Austin and the Central Texas area. We also provides service for most major brands.

  • Emergency Repair and 24 hour availability
  • Repair most brands of hoists and cranes
  • Crane & hoist parts for all brands
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance service programs
  • Certified proof load testing of cranes & hoists
  • OSHA Certifications Inspections and testing for OSHA compliance
  • Modernization, modification, and upgrades to existing crane systems
  • Below the hook slings, spreader bars, lifting attachments
  • Ergonomic, light capacity handling systems for assembly, warehouse and distribution handling
  • Turnkey crane systems

We design, manufacture and install complete overhead material handling system solutions such as bridge cranes, hoists, chain hoists, wire rope hoists, air hoists, pendant controls and radio controls. Below are our most popular options, but here is the full list of solutions we offer: Top Running Single Girder, Under Running Single Girder, Top Running Double Girder, Under Running Double Girder, Gantry Crane, Single Leg Gantry Crane, Floor Mount Jib Crane, Wall Mount Jib Cranes, Free Standing Work Stations.

Single Girder Bridge Crane

This type of overhead crane configuration is made up of a single bridge girder, two end trucks, and a trolley hoist which runs along the bottom flange of the bridge girder between the end trucks. A single girder crane is easy to install and is generally used in applications that need light to medium duty cranes or buildings where headroom is limited.

Double Girder Bridge Crane

A double girder overhead crane configuration is made up of two bridge girders, two end-trucks, and a trolley hoist assembly. The trolley hoist travels on top of rails that are mounted to the top of the bridge girders. Double girder cranes have greater maximum span and capacity. They are ideal for heavy loads and frequent operations.

Under Running Bridge Crane

Under-running or under-hung cranes are designed for flexibility and functionality. The bridge of an under-running or under-hung crane is engineered to travel on the bottom flange of a runway beam. They can be suspended directly from the overhead building structure without the need for interfering support columns.

Top Running Bridge Crane

Top-running cranes are designed to lift massive loads, under-hung cranes provide an ergonomic design that offers versatility and usability. The bridge of a top running crane is designed to travel on rails that are mounted onto the runway beams. The beams can be supported by either precisely engineered free-standing columns or by the existing columns of the building.


A gantry crane can be designed with either a single or double girder bridge. However the main difference is that the gantry girders are attached to legs on both sides of the span. The end trucks are at the bottom of the legs allowing it to travel directly on the ground or on a rail system. This can be either laid on top of the floor or embedded in the floor enabling it to be completely mobile by eliminating a column or overhead runway system. Gantry cranes are a great alternative to large, permanent systems because gantry cranes offer up to 15-tons of lifting capacity.

Jib crane

A jib crane is another great solution for many specific needs of a business. The jib design is made up of a boom (cantilever) mounted to a column. With this simple design, the trolley hoist assembly can move back and forth across the boom and can be engineered to rotate a full 360 degrees. It is a cost-effective and portable crane solution that is easy to operate and doesn’t require specific training.

Freestanding Workstation Crane

Freestanding workstation cranes are a floor supported system that does not put stress on the building’s overhead structure. The installation is straightforward and easier on future relocation. They provide a highly effective, cost efficient lifting and moving solution. Freestanding workstation cranes extend lifting coverage and provide full access of movement. They can replace multiple cranes with one fluid system for improved efficiency and productivity. Free Standing systems require a reinforced concrete floor of at least 6 inches.

  • Capacities from 150 to 4000 pounds
  • Rectangular Coverage with up to 34 foot bridge and 124 foot runway standard
  • Standard support distances of 20, 25, and 30 feet.
  • Easy to move and position loads
  • Modular design for greater flexibility
  • Doesn’t require existing support structure

Ceiling Mounted Workstation Crane

Ceiling Mounted Systems make the most of your existing building and production floor space by hanging from existing building beams or trusses. They require no system support columns, no attachments to building columns, and they take up no production floor space. Ceiling mounted workstation cranes are a cost effective and ergonomic material handling solution ideal for many warehousing and manufacturing businesses.

  • Capacities from 150 to 4000 lbs.
  • Rectangular coverage with up to 34 foot bridge and 124 foot runway standard
  • Standard support distances of 20, 25, and 30 feet.
Pallet racks - Centex Material Handling

Pallet Racks

Pallet Racks

Pallet racking is a material handling storage system solution designed to store materials on pallets (or “skids”) in order to increase floor space and simplify inventory requirements. Although there are many varieties, they all allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Pallet racking improves the overall workflow and efficiency of a business, and leads to a well organized shop, factory, warehouse, distribution or logistics center.

Centex Material Handling specializes in warehouse pallet racking systems and warehouse shelving for Austin and the Central Texas area. Each of our racking systems solutions serve a similar purpose, but vary in functionality and application. Regardless of the available space in your facility or style of inventory management, a business will find the perfect warehouse racking solution for your facility with Centex Material Handling.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks are best used for storing long, awkward loads that cannot be stored on traditional racking such as timber, trusses, pipes or plywood. Cantilever racking is rather easy to install and reconfigure as well as enables loads to be handled by lifting systems such as lift trucks, mobile cranes, stacker cranes, etc. Racking systems are chosen depending on the load to be stored (mainly weight and dimensions) or the height of the rack itself.

Cantilever racking uses uprights secured into strong bases with arms and braces to to provide stability and store long load items. Their design allows loads to be fitted on to the structure, forming open shelves that can accommodate large, bulky, long or oddly-shaped loads that are otherwise difficult to store.

  • Easy to assemble. The parts are designed to allow the shelves to be assembled quickly and easily.
  • Simple structure, durable and excellent mobility.

Clad Rack Warehouses

When the racking itself forms the construction of a building together with side and roof cladding, it becomes a major work of engineering. The ranking structure supports not only the merchandise, but also the building structure, the handling devices and the external elements.

The maximum height of a clad rack warehouse structure is only limited by local building standards and by the reach or height of stacker cranes or fork-lift trucks.

  • Enables maximum use of available surface area without wasting floor space by building upward to capacity height.
  • Allows a wide range of goods to be stored.
  • Compatible with conventional or automated systems.

Conventional Pallet Rack

Conventional pallet racks are the most universal system for direct and single access to pallets. The pallet racking is the best solution for saving space where heavy stock capacity is needed and a wide variety of SKUs are utilized.

Conventional pallet racks not only maximize storage space, but also ensure the safety and efficiency of workers in the workplace, which maximizes profits and productivity.

The working aisle measurement between each rack and rack height is only limited to the forklift trucks, lifting devices, pallet sizes and height of the warehouse itself. Centex Material Handling can work out that solution for you.

  • Maximize control of stock and storage area taken by a single pallet.
  • Maximum adaptability to any load type, both in terms of weight and volume.
  • Can be combined with long span beams for manual selection of goods.

Drive In Pallet Rack

This system is base on the storage by accumation principle, which enables the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height. Drive-in racking is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It accommodates a large number of pallets for each SKU.

Two management systems are available: the drive-in system, with only one access aisle, and the drive-through system, with access to the load from both sides of the rack. The System is frequently use in cold stores (refrigeration and freezing) which require maximum use of space for the storage of producs in a controlled temperature.

  • Maximum profitability of available space (up to 85%).
  • Removal of aisles between the ranking.
  • Rigorous control of entries and exits.
  • Allows as many SKU’s as loading lanes.

Push-Back Pallet Rack

An accumulative storage system allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level.

All pallets levels, except the top one, are placed on a set of trolleys which are then pushed along rolling rails.

Push-back Racks are ideal for storing medium-turnover products, with two or more pallets per SKU using the Last In First Out (or LIFO) system.

  • The best possible use is made of the space available.
  • Very little height space is wasted
  • Each level can be used to store different SKU

Loading Dock Equipment

Loading Dock Equipment

Centex Material Handling supplies and installs a full range of loading dock equipment and accessories for the logistics, manufacturing or materials handling industry in Austin and the surrounding Central Texas area. The proper loading dock equipment and accessories protect workers, equipment and merchandise from damage and serious injury. Dock levelers reduce or prevent “dock shock” or whole body vibration, which can lead to chronic back and neck injuries, product spills, and equipment repair costs. It simplifies loading and unloading for semi-trailers while also preventing damage to loading docks, buildings and trucks. Whether your company requires simple dock bumpers and accessories or a complete in-pit leveler and truck restraint, you will soon understand why our customers count on Centex Material Handling to help them get the right equipment for their business needs.

Adjustable Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Adjustable hydraulic dock levelers are a great option for many loading dock areas. They provide the most durable performance with the lowest lifetime cost. These levelers are built for durability, even under heavy traffic conditions. There are a number of different options available. Check out the push button models we carry which make hydraulic levelers simple, fast, and safe.

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical dock levelers are an economical loading dock leveler solution, and an excellent choice for smaller facilities without heavy loading dock traffic. Mechanical dock levelers are easy to operate consume no power. These levelers are ideal when you need a budget-friendly solution to provide years of service. Mechanical dock levelers work under all conditions, including hot or cold weather.

Surface-Mounted Dock Leveler

Surface-Mounted Dock Levelers are able to make any concrete surface a loading dock as long as the roadway surface supports the base of a dock lift without deflecting. They accommodate hand carts, 4-wheel carts and pallet trucks. They also create an easy transport solution to other locations. Surface-Mounted Dock Levelers allow a business to improve loading dock efficiency at a fraction of the cost of pit-mounted dock levelers. Just because the up-front cost of these levelers are low, that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality of work. One of our “Top-of Dock”, hydraulic or mechanical edge-of-dock levelers will last you for years and stand up to heavy use.

Foam Dock Seal

A foam dock seal is a loading dock solution to line the edges of a loading dock door. They are designed to seal the gap between the dock door opening and the truck trailer, protecting both workers and merchandise from the elements while the trailer is being loaded or unloaded. Our three-sided seal is the leading cost effective means to seal a loading dock door opening.

Vehicle Restraints and Dock Lock Safety Systems

Vehicle restraints and dock lock safety systems are a key component of efficient and safe modern loading docks for both merchandise and employees. Vehicle restraints lock the trailer into position at the loading dock. The vehicle restraint systems incorporate an integrated system of signal lights inside on the vehicle restraint control panel and outside on the facility wall. This system communicates the loading and restraint status to dock attendants as well as to truck drivers, greatly reducing human error resulting in accidental damage to merchandise and employees alike.

Conveyor systems - Centex Material Handling



A conveyor system is an integral part of material handling and warehouses requiring the transport of materials from one area to another. Conveyor systems provide amazing benefits such improved warehouse efficiency as well as essential worker safety. It also enables a wider variety of materials which can be transported throughout a facility, and overall flexibility with regard to locations where materials are to be placed. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials where forlifts or cranes are not accessible. Centex Material Handling provides conveyor system solutions for material handling, packaging industries and various other industries in the Austin and surrounding Central Texas area. Make sure your business gets the right conveyor solution by consulting with us first.

Ball Transfer Table

Ball transfer tables consists of ball transfers attached to a rigid frame for support. Ball transfer tables allow flat-bottomed loads to roll along a path from one place to another, reducing the effort it takes to move the loads in warehousing, package handling, manufacturing, and distribution applications. Ball transfer tables allow loads to move in all directions. They are typically installed at transition points (entrances, intersections, or exits) in the conveyor system, or at packing tables or workstations where loads need to be rotated or positioned.

Flexible Gravity Conveyor

Flexible gravity conveyor systems are a useful product when your solution requires movability, maneuverability and flexibility to transfer goods. They are portable, expandable and easily positioned in either straight lines or around corners. Flexible conveyor systems are an ideal solution for temporary or dynamic environments, providing a sustainable long-term solution for warehouse and material handling industries. When finished using them, they can easily be stored until needed again. Flexible gravity conveyor systems can also an extremely useful solution in shipping departments and other high traffic areas where products need to be moved in or out of trucks.

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyors consist of rollers mounted on a series of axles attached to rigid fixed or telescoping frames. The rollers let loads roll along a path from one place to another, reducing effort to move loads. They provide a stable surface for moving loads with rimmed or uneven bottoms, such as drums, pails, pallets, skids, and bags. Loads can roll forward and back along the conveyors, and they can also be pushed from side to side across the conveyors’ full width. Roller conveyors typically have a higher weight capacity and are better suited for moving heavy loads than skate wheel conveyors.

Live Roller Conveyor

Live roller conveyors are a roller system powered by a mechanical device, moving materials or products along a conveyor line. They are often used in warehouses and manufacturing plants that have automated manufacturing, distribution and warehouse conveyor lines. They provide easy transportation for a large variety of products. Any application that requires motorized movement and enhanced efficiency is ideal for a live roller conveyor system.

Omni Directional Conveyor

The Omni Directional conveyor is capable of receiving and sorting products in multiple directions. It is also capable of connecting multiple other conveyors in a system due to a dynamic work environment or line expansion. Developed for zone picking (“pick and pass”) operations, the omni directional conveyor supports diversion of items to manual picking areas as well as merge them back onto the main conveyor system. It can also be integrated as single-level in-feed/out-feed with automated storage and retrieval systems.

Engineered to be cost-effective in low-density applications.

Pallet Conveyor

Not only do pallet conveyors maximize floor space as well as free up forklifts and pallet jacks,but they are designed to increase efficiency, reduce downtime in automation processes, and provide accurate conveying. They also allow for maximum assembly flexibility.

Roller Bed Conveyor

Roller bed conveyors can move loads horizontally or up and down an incline. They are designed to move heavier loads with greater capacity and reduce friction and wear on on a product. The roller bed conveyor system is ideal in assembly, inspection and packing operations.

Slider Bed Conveyor

Slider bed conveyors can move loads horizontally or up and down an incline. They are specifically designed to maintain the position and stability of items during the conveying process. This belt conveying system is less likely to agitate fragile items than those with roller or skate wheel conveyors, making roller bed conveyors more desirable in packaging lines and/or when fragile products are being conveyed. They can also be used for moving small items which would fall between rollers or skate wheels, items with uneven or irregularly shaped bottom surfaces, and small bagged items that could sag, become trapped, or fall between rollers. There are many benefits and solutions a slider bed conveyor system provides.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Wire mesh belt conveyor systems can be used in varying conditions, but most especially in food service. They are able to transport hot, cold, or oily products to or from an oven. They are able to transport cooling or frozen items to or from a freezer. There are many other special conditions where a wire mesh belt conveyor system may be the best solution for any business. A variety of belt types can be used depending upon the application requirements. Wire mesh belt conveyors are designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and are custom engineered from standard components.

Mezzanines - Centex Material Handling


Warehouse Mezzanines

Mezzanines and Catwalks - Centex Material Handling

Centex Material Handling is the leading provider of warehouse mezzanine and catwalk solutions in the Austin and Central Texas area. Warehouse mezzanines and catwalks allow any business to maximize the square footage of flooring available when floor space is at a premium. Increasing space efficiency and organization of a facility with a catwalk or mezzanine platform helps to maximize worker and management productivity. Warehouse mezzanines effectively use the height of a facility while doubling or tripling a surface area. A mezzanine area can be modified to become a kitchen or bathroom area, creating accessibility for workers in all areas of a warehouse. They can even be converted to an office area for management and administration personnel, eliminating the need for a separate building or trailer. Mezzanines are the most economical way to increase warehouse space without having to expand or relocate.

Important factors to consider when considering a mezzanine:
  • Access-ways
  • Work systems
  • Products
  • Handling methods

Mezzanines are able to be completely disassembled when relocation is required. The parts can also re-used or re-purposed. Furthermore, the structure, dimensions, and location are easily modifiable.

Shelving units - Centex Material Handling



Centex Material Handling offers a wide variety of warehouse shelving solutions including boltless shelving, archive shelving, bulk rack shelving, and chrome wire shelving. Boltless and archive shelving are easy to install with little to no hardware requirements, and can be customized to fit any facility’s needs. Chrome wire shelving is perfect for any organization requiring air circulation and maximum light filtration. Chrome wire shelving are also very easy to assemble, easy to expand as a company’s needs expand, and help keep inventory and items fully visible. Bulk racks are the ideal storage solution for multi-level storage of hardware, tools, and heavy duty items. Bulk racking is available in various configurations, and come standard with particle board decking with an optional upgrade for wire mesh decking.

Archive Shelving

Archive shelving is designed for the manual loading of intermediate weight or bulky items. This versatile rack system can be used in hundreds of storage applications. In addition to storing carton merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, archive shelving can also be used for display racking in furniture and department stores, storage of medical and dietary supplies in hospitals and many more display applications.

Automotive Shelving

Automotive shelving provides a durable and highly versatile storage solution for efficiently storing various automobile parts, auto accessories, including tires.

Boltless PB Shelving

Boltless shelving systems maximize existing square footage at an economical cost. All boltless shelving systems can be disassembled with ease, transported, and recombined to create extra storage wherever it is required. Installation costs are 30-40% lower with bolted shelving systems because they require much less time to assemble.

Clip Shelving

Clip Shelving is a universal storage solution, solving any basic storage problem with ease. The open and accessible design ensures easy stocking and retrieval of items. Compression clips provides bolt-free assembly, making shelf adjustments quick and easy. Sway braces on the rear and sides of the shelving system provide the ultimate stability for bulky or packaged items. Shelves are adjustable in 1 1/2” increments.

Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving solutions are designed for hand-loading medium to heavy loads of a large variety of products and merchandise. Wide span shelving is available with an assortment of accessories and components, and can be adapted to meet a variety of hand-stack storage requirements. Wide span shelving can also be paired with stairs and catwalks to create multiple levels of storage, maximizing the height of a warehouse.

Wire Shelving

Chrome wire shelving systems are perfect for any dry storage application. Chrome wire shelving is the most popular shelving solution available due to it’s simplicity, requiring no tools to assemble.

Wire shelving is one of the most popular storage systems available to both consumers and Industrial users alike. With storage capacities of 600-800 lbs per shelf, wire shelving can easily and efficiently organize any storage area.

Crane systems - Centex Material Handling



Our DCS-Pro chain hoists ensure maximum precision in gently and safely lifting, lowering and positioning valuable and sensitive parts in assembly operations. Our almost double rated partial load range speed enables lifting motions to be performed more reliably, quickly and efficiently.

  • Variable speed over the entire load spectrum
  • Exceptional control at slow speed
  • Up to 90% higher speeds for smaller loads thanks to its Pro-Hub function
  • Load capacities up to 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg)