Industrial and Commercial Hoists

Centex Material Handling provides industrial and commercial hoists and hoist accessory solutions for electric chain, manual chain, hand chain, wire rope, food grade, explosion proof, intelligent lifting. Our reliable hoists will safely lift and move heavy items throughout a warehouse

Industrial and Commercial Cranes

Centex Material Handling designs, manufactures, installs and services complete overhead material handling or crane systems. We also have a wide stock of hoists, trolleys, accessories and replacement parts for most major brands. Below please find a list of our overhead

Pallet racks - Centex Material Handling

Pallet Racks

Pallet racking is a material handling storage system solution designed to store materials on pallets (or “skids”) in order to increase floor space and simplify inventory requirements. Although there are many varieties, they all allow for the storage of palletized

Loading Dock Equipment

Centex Material Handling supplies and installs a full range of loading dock equipment and accessories for the logistics, manufacturing or materials handling industry in Austin and the surrounding Central Texas area. The proper loading dock equipment and accessories protect workers,

Conveyor systems - Centex Material Handling


A conveyor system is an integral part of material handling and warehouses requiring the transport of materials from one area to another. Conveyor systems provide amazing benefits such improved warehouse efficiency as well as essential worker safety. It also enables

Mezzanines - Centex Material Handling


Centex Material Handling is the leading provider of warehouse mezzanine and catwalk solutions in the Austin and Central Texas area. Warehouse mezzanines and catwalks allow any business to maximize the square footage of flooring available when floor space is at

Shelving units - Centex Material Handling


Centex Material Handling offers a wide variety of warehouse shelving solutions including boltless shelving, archive shelving, bulk rack shelving, and chrome wire shelving. Boltless and archive shelving are easy to install with little to no hardware requirements, and can be

Crane systems - Centex Material Handling


Our DCS-Pro chain hoists ensure maximum precision in gently and safely lifting, lowering and positioning valuable and sensitive parts in assembly operations. Our almost double rated partial load range speed enables lifting motions to be performed more reliably, quickly and