Warehouse Mezzanines

Mezzanines and Catwalks - Centex Material Handling

Mezzanines and catwalks are the most economical way to maximize the square footage of flooring available when floor space is at a premium without having to expand the existing structure. Warehouse mezzanines effectively use the height of a facility, doubling or tripling surface area, allowing for more organization and efficiency. Mezzanines can be modified for kitchen or bathroom use, creating accessibility for workers in all areas of a warehouse, maximizing worker productivity. They can also be converted into an office or management area for administrative personal, eliminating the need for a separate building or trailer.

Some important factors to note when considering a mezzanine or catwalk are: access-ways, work systems, products, production and handling methods.

Mezzanines are easily modifiable and can be completely disassembled when relocation is necessary. Parts can also be re-used or re-purposed.