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Industrial and Commercial Cranes

Centex Material Handling designs, manufactures, installs and services complete overhead material handling or crane systems. We also have a wide stock of hoists, trolleys, accessories and replacement parts for most major brands. Below please find a list of our overhead

Pallet racks - Centex Material Handling

Pallet Racks

Pallet racking is a material handling storage system solution where materials are stored on pallets or skids in order to increase floor space and simplify inventory requirements. Centex Material Handling specializes in warehouse pallet racking systems with numerous options that

Loading Dock Equipment

Centex Material Handling supplies and installs a full range of loading dock equipment and accessories from simple dock bumpers and truck restraints to complete in-pit levelers. It is essential to have the proper loading dock equipment and accessories to protect

Conveyor systems - Centex Material Handling


Conveyor systems are essential for increasing warehouse efficiency, worker safety, and the variety of materials that can be transported throughout a facility. These systems are extremely helpful for the transport of heavy or bulky materials from one area to another