Loading Dock Equipment

Centex Material Handling supplies and installs a full range of loading dock equipment and accessories from simple dock bumpers and truck restraints to complete in-pit levelers. It is essential to have the proper loading dock equipment and accessories to protect workers, equipment, and merchandise from serious injury or damage. Dock levelers, for example, help reduce and prevent product spills, equipment repairs, damage to trucks or loading docks, and “dock shock” (body vibrations) that can lead to chronic back or neck injuries. They also simplify loading and unloading for semi-trailers.

Adjustable Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Adjustable hydraulic dock levelers are built for durability under heavy traffic conditions and provide reliable performance with the lowest lifetime cost.

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical dock levelers are an excellent choice for smaller facilities without heavy loading dock traffic. They are easy to operate and consume no power. They also work under all conditions, including hot or cold weather. These levelers are an ideal budget friendly solution and provide years of service.

Surface-Mounted Dock Leveler

Surface-mounted dock levelers can transform any concrete surface into a loading dock as long as the roadway surface supports the base of the dock lift. These levelers accommodate hand carts, 4-wheel carts and pallet trucks. Surface-mounted dock levelers are a fraction of the cost of pit-mounted dock levelers, improve loading dock efficiency, stand up to heavy use, and create easy transport of loads to other locations.

Foam Dock Seal

Foam dock seals line the edges of a loading dock door, sealing the gap between the dock door opening and the truck trailer. They are designed to protect both workers and merchandise from the elements while loading or unloading goods.

Vehicle Restraints and Dock Lock Safety Systems

Vehicle restraints lock the trailer into position at the loading dock while dock lock safety systems incorporate an integrated system of signal lights both inside the vehicle and outside of the vehicle on the facility wall to communicate the loading and restraint status of the vehicle to dock attendants and truck drivers. This system greatly reduces human error resulting in accidental damage to merchandise and employees.

Loading Dock Equipment

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