Shelving units - Centex Material Handling


Centex Material Handling offers a wide variety of warehouse shelving solutions including boltless shelving, archive shelving, bulk rack shelving, and chrome wire shelving. Boltless and archive shelving are easy to install with little to no hardware requirements, and can be customized to fit any facility’s needs. Chrome wire shelving is perfect for any organization requiring air circulation and maximum light filtration. Chrome wire shelving are also very easy to assemble, easy to expand as a company’s needs expand, and help keep inventory and items fully visible. Bulk racks are the ideal storage solution for multi-level storage of hardware, tools, and heavy duty items. Bulk racking is available in various configurations, and come standard with particle board decking with an optional upgrade for wire mesh decking.

Archive Shelving

Archive shelving is designed for the manual loading of intermediate weight or bulky items. This versatile rack system can be used in hundreds of storage applications. In addition to storing carton merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, archive shelving can also be used for display racking in furniture and department stores, storage of medical and dietary supplies in hospitals and many more display applications.

Automotive Shelving

Automotive shelving provides a durable and highly versatile storage solution for efficiently storing various automobile parts, auto accessories, including tires.

Boltless PB Shelving

Boltless shelving systems maximize existing square footage at an economical cost. All boltless shelving systems can be disassembled with ease, transported, and recombined to create extra storage wherever it is required. Installation costs are 30-40% lower with bolted shelving systems because they require much less time to assemble.

Clip Shelving

Clip Shelving is a universal storage solution, solving any basic storage problem with ease. The open and accessible design ensures easy stocking and retrieval of items. Compression clips provides bolt-free assembly, making shelf adjustments quick and easy. Sway braces on the rear and sides of the shelving system provide the ultimate stability for bulky or packaged items. Shelves are adjustable in 1 1/2” increments.

Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving solutions are designed for hand-loading medium to heavy loads of a large variety of products and merchandise. Wide span shelving is available with an assortment of accessories and components, and can be adapted to meet a variety of hand-stack storage requirements. Wide span shelving can also be paired with stairs and catwalks to create multiple levels of storage, maximizing the height of a warehouse.

Wire Shelving

Chrome wire shelving systems are perfect for any dry storage application. Chrome wire shelving is the most popular shelving solution available due to it’s simplicity, requiring no tools to assemble.

Wire shelving is one of the most popular storage systems available to both consumers and Industrial users alike. With storage capacities of 600-800 lbs per shelf, wire shelving can easily and efficiently organize any storage area.