Construction Parts

The Problem:
Efficiently preparing and handling
parts of varying shapes and

The Solution:
Free Standing I-Beam Jib Crane

More Efficiency Preparing Products for Shipment
A supplier of a diverse line of undercarriage components for use in the manufacturing of heavy
construction equipment lacked a consistent process for preparing finished products for shipment. Due to their diverse product line, loads varied throughout the day, as did the ways in which materials were handled. To simplify the process and develop a procedure to handle the majority of the components that were produced, the company turned to a combination of a Gorbel Free Standing Jib Crane and specially designed holders for easy transport.

Using the jib crane to lift and position components has reduced the need for movements by the workers that could cause strain on the shoulders, neck, and back when performed throughout the day. Workers utilize the jib crane to effectively position their electric chain hoist directly above the component being initially lifted and then place the components in the transportation racks that are used for final preparation for shipment to OEM’s. Many components may be lifted by attaching the hoist directly to the load, while others require the use of a chain or synthetic sling.

By utilizing this complete, consistent procedure, workers have been able to more efficiently prepare products for shipment while reducing stress on the body.

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