HANDLE IT- Pallet Wrappers | Stretch Wrappers


This low profile stretch wrap machine offers more flexibility in your wrapping cycle. With its small frame, it fits more easily and flexibly wherever it’s needed, helping you use floor space more efficiently.

With its patented ultra-low frame (.75″), the 1200UL allows you to load and unload pallets without using a long ramp. It comes standard with a power pre-stretch carriage and PLC controls. The 1200UL can wrap up to 200 pallets per day, on average.

Without the need for standard 5′ or 7′ ramps, you’ll save both floor space and money. If space is at a premium in your facility, the 1200UL is an ideal choice. And its 250% power pre-stretch carriage will lower your film use by 50%, making your wrapping process more efficient.

Performance & Specifications

  • 200 maximum average loads per day
  • 86″ wrap height with 8” of overap total max height of 94″  optional -118″ extended height available.
  • 3300lb maximum load weight capacity
  • 250% power pre-stretch film carriage for improved efficiency (uses 60% less film than machines without power stretch)
  • Turntable speed 3-12 RPM
  • 66″ Turntable size
  • 110v standard plug
  • Machine size 119″L x 82″ W x 95″ H (Includes ring ramp)



Mighty Line- COVID19- Social Distancing Products

Centex Material Handling is doing our part in helping prevent the spread of COVID19. Below you can find several different Mighty Line Floor Tape products that can help employees and consumers maintain workplace safety. These products will help control the flow, maintain social distance, and allow you to run your facility safely and effectively.

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How Can Lift Equipment Help Your Company?

Increase Productivity

Lifts don't get tired! Lifts, unlike workers, can go all day lifting and carrying heavy objects while maintaining the same efficiency all day long. Lifting equipment also allows employees to spend less time on worrying about lifting heavy inventory and more time on other revenue generating activities. That means an increase in productivity, resulting in and increase in revenue!

Protect Products & Goods

Without lifting equipment you have to rely on your employees to safely lift and move heavy goods, increasing the chances of them dropping and damaging these goods.

Increase Safety

Lift equipment can take the strain off of your employees having to lift heavy loads of materials or products by allowing them to safely and easily lift and move these things through a warehouse or job site, reducing the risk of worker injury.


Get exactly what you need! Centex Material Handling has several different variations of lifts that come with attachments and tools. These lifts can be customized to your specific needs to help you get the most out of your lift equipment.

Cost Effective

Lifting heavy goods requires continuous man power which involves a lot of expenses. Lifting equipment can replace a huge portion of the manual work. These machines require low maintenance and they're sturdy build will serve a company for several years.


Centex Material Handling is now a proud distributor of WellnessMats. WellnessMats is a premium standing solutions company that supports “A Healthy Way of Life,” in an effort to truly make a difference for companies and their customers. Their high quality products can be used in the office, home, warehouse facility, and more! Check out this short video clip to learn more about WellnessMats products. If you are interesting in purchasing give us a call at 512-337-8181.