GORBEL Lift Assist - Centex Material Handling

Increase Productivity

Lifts don't get tired! Lifts, unlike workers, can go all day lifting and carrying heavy objects while maintaining the same efficiency all day long. Lifting equipment also allows employees to spend less time on worrying about lifting heavy inventory and more time on other revenue generating activities. That means an increase in productivity, resulting in and increase in revenue!

Protect Products & Goods

Without lifting equipment you have to rely on your employees to safely lift and move heavy goods, increasing the chances of them dropping and damaging these goods.

Increase Safety

Lift equipment can take the strain off of your employees having to lift heavy loads of materials or products by allowing them to safely and easily lift and move these things through a warehouse or job site, reducing the risk of worker injury.


Get exactly what you need! Centex Material Handling has several different variations of lifts that come with attachments and tools. These lifts can be customized to your specific needs to help you get the most out of your lift equipment.

Cost Effective

Lifting heavy goods requires continuous man power which involves a lot of expenses. Lifting equipment can replace a huge portion of the manual work. These machines require low maintenance and they're sturdy build will serve a company for several years.

How Can Lift Equipment Help Your Company?

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