What is a Crane Inspection?

A crane inspection tests the safety and functionality of a crane. Cranes lift and lower heavy loads anywhere from daily to multiple times a day, this can wear down parts quickly. Having a certified crane inspector look at your crane will you help you identify things that are not up to standards and issues that need to be fixed.

How Often Should You Get Your Crane Inspected?

Daily or weekly usage wears important crane components. This wear can lead to a breakdown — or worse, a dangerous failure that puts you, your team or your company at risk. Routine inspections can help identify potential problems and address them before a costly or irreversible incident occurs. Generally, crane inspections should be preformed annually, there are some cases where we would recommend a quarterly crane inspection for the higher capacity and more frequently used cranes.

Additionally, you should have your crane inspected before and after relocation, alterations, upgrades, or additions, as required by OSHA regulations. These regulations ensure that your crane is compliant and safe to use.

To catch potential problems early on, we suggest making your own visual inspections from time to time. This just means paying attention to anything out of the ordinary such as cracks, corrosion, unusual noises, or anything else that seems strange. If you notice one of these problems, it is important to get your crane inspected immediately to avoid further damaged and to ensure safety.

Why do You Need a Crane Inspection?

• Employee Safety & Prevention of Workplace accidents
• Regular Maintenance Leads to a Longer lifetime
• Ensure OSHA compliance
• Identify Problems Early On
• Helps Create a Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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The Importance of Crane Inspections

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